raw luxury rug

The RAW line represents a challenge aimed at offering the market handcrafted, high-quality products, made by small Italian companies, which embody these values.

Unique pieces, tailor-made for the customer, using extremely valuable yarns, such as cashmere and merino wool from the Biellese and Valsesia spinning mills, the two most important districts in the world in the processing of fine yarns.

Rich, soft, warm and extremely comfortable products, totally customizable thanks to the possibility of creating pieces with shapes, sizes, differentiated thicknesses and colors of the customer's choice.

In a world that is increasingly homologated in every sense, this seems to us a great challenge.

We are available to develop your carpet with you.

Our Bespoke & Contract service will allow you to choose the type of yarn,

The size, the color, the structure.

Please contact us for more information.